What's in your water?

Disturbing findings in a recent study reignite concerns over the safety of tap water.


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The United States has 59 protected areas known as national parks, which are operated by the National Park Service, an agency of the


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It doesn't really matter what day of the week you book. What matters is how far in advance you book.


Hey Girl Hey! Best Girls' Trips in the United States — Camels & Chocolate

Looking for ideas for your next best girls' trip? From the usual suspects (Nashville, Austin, New Orleans) to the unexpected (OKC), I've got tips for you.


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Customizable Postcard made by Zazzle Paper. Personalize it with photos & text or shop existing designs!


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What is the importance of sustainable products while traveling? We admit that traveling isn’t always the most environmentally friendly activity. Traveling is our way to understand the world and experience new places, but honestly our environmental impact isn't all that great. The carbon footprint from flying and multiple one-time use items were enough to make us turn red in shame. We started questioning our ways. How could we keep traveling and wanting to see nature’s treasures while we were actively contributing to its destruction at the same time. How could we ever travel more consciously? This what a day during


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I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while. In fact, I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts about the pros and cons of living in Spain pretty much since we’ve moved here. If you remember, we decided to leave the UK about a year ago. We...


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Want to travel smarter and more often? Join over 80,000 followers who love what I have to say! Enter your email here & you'll gain instant access to my special VIP zone, featuring freebies like checklists and printables... plus exclusive content, tips and updates! Success! You're the best, you know that? Check your inbox for […]


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When was the last time you careened joyously down a sledding hill or propped your bare feet up in front of a crackling fire at a mountain lodge? Even when it's chilly outside, winter can be a season to embrace rather than escape. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, cold-region winter getawa...


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This post may contain compensated links. Please refer to my disclaimer here for more information. I love sharing travel tips! In fact, my big travel tips post from last year has been my most popular post to date with almost 40,000 people reading it since May 2013! Since you loved it …


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