Indoor Plants Made for a Black Thumb | Easy Houseplants | Grace In My Space

Do you struggle to keep your indoor plants alive? I've got 6 indoor plants made for those of us with a black thumb. Let's talk about some unkillable plants.


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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care - Growing Guide, How To Pot Plants

Want to really learn how to care for a fiddle leaf fig? Warning: It's not easy to keep this greenery alive—but it is totally doable. Here, two experts share all their tips and tricks for keeping a fiddle leaf fig thriving in your home.


18 Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat | Eco Anouk

My cat just didn’t like the cat grass that I grew for her. Ever since, I’ve wondered about houseplants that are safe for my cat. Here is a list of 18.


The Best Indoor Hanging Plants

The best indoor hanging plants that will bring life into your home. These Low maintinence hanging plants are easy for beginners.


Survival Tips for Indoor House Plants While on Vacation?

Fourteen plant-saving tips I use (and you can too!) to care for indoor house plants while traveling for an extended period. Your plants could even thrive!


Is it possible to have too many house plants?

10 Air Purifying House Plants - Is it possible to have too many house plants?


15 Houseplants That Are Beautiful AND Safe For Cats And Dogs

Toxic? No. Gorgeous? Yes.


13 House Plants You Can't Kill | Eclectic Chic Blog

Have trouble keeping plants alive? These are 13 house plants you can't kill no matter how much you ignore or forget about them.


20 Air Purifying Plants You Need In Your Home That'll Be Hard To Kill - True & Pretty

This year I am all about health. Getting back into shape after having our baby girl…


10 Easy Pieces: Best Succulents - Gardenista

Are you sick of hearing that succulents are "easy" when the only thing yours do reliably is die? The solution is to get the right succulent for the job. Fo


Bromeliad Garden: [HOW TO] Enjoy Long Lasting Color Indoors Year Round

A bromeliad garden creates a BLAST of color! Creating your own very simple, fast and an affordable solution vibrant year-round color indoors [DETAILS]


Sunna's ideas: 44 Home Accessories Ideas 2020 #home #ideas #accessories #homeaccessories #decoraccessories


7 ways to make your anthurium bloom. If your Flamingo Flower isn't blooming, try these 7 tips to fix your plant. Houseplant care tips to get your Anthurium thriving again.


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This is a set of hand painted watercolor potted indoor & house plants illustrations clip art. ► YOU WILL RECEIVE - 10 watercolor potted house plants (1500 x 1500 pixels) - 7 separate plants as PNG files with transparent background (avg width of files 2000 pixels) - 10 separate pots and planters as PNG files with transparent background (avg width of files 2000 pixels) - All files are at 300 DPI, RGB colorspace, High resolution graphics ► PERSONAL USE: Included ► COMMERCIAL USE: Must also purchase this License OR give art credit to my shop like so "Art by" ► USE in EDITABLE TEMPLATES like in Templett Corjl & POD sites: Must also purchase this Template License (credit will not work for this - you must purchase this license for use in template designs for sale) ► MY SHOP: TUTORIALs More GREENERY Olive Garden Watercolor Clipart: Modern Leaves Clipart: Greenery Line Art Clipart: Greenery Wreaths Clipart Pack: Eucalyptus Clipart: More Florals & Leaves Clipart:§ion_id=19549761 DOWNLOAD PROCESS: Downloads available here after checkout: If you check out as Guest, you will receive a link to the download in your EMAIL More info: ) **You will NOT receive any physical product.** FAQs Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see important FAQs for COMMERCIAL USE of any kind. MORE THAN 500 PIECES? Please contact me. Thank you so much! Copyright Essem Creatives | Sneha Mohanty. Original Artwork by Sneha Mohanty.


5 Overlooked Plants That Can Survive In The (Almost) Dark

Live without much natural light? These off-the-radar options are for you.


10 Best Non-Toxic Houseplants That are Safe For Children, Cats & Dogs. - My Tasteful Space

These non-toxic houseplants that are safe for kids, cats and dogs, are extremely easy to grow and very hard to kill. Explore the benefits of these plants!


These Are the 15 Best Houseplants for Your Bedroom

Breathe life into your space (literally).




Snake plant care tips. Learn how to grow and care for Sansevieria. Snake plants are ideal house plants. Sansevieria benefits, light, soil, watering, planting, flowering, varieties and ideal growing conditions. Snake plants are incredibly tolerant of neglect, making them suitable for anyone.


How to Care for a Jade Plant

The jade plant is one of my very favorite succulents because of its beauty and low-maintenance nature. Learn how to…


11 Easy To Grow Houseplants |

11 easy to grow houseplants to invest in that will add a nice pop of color to your home and can withstand a little neglect.


10 Hard to Kill Hanging Plants That'll Make Your Home Look Amazing

Add fresh new style to any room with these ten hanging plants that are very hard to kill, even for the add new life to any room in your home.


12 Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants You Won't Kill!

12 best air purifying indoor plants, kill-proof houseplants for low light & small spaces, hanging & flowering plants, care tips on watering & fertilizing!


10 Low Light House Plants | Indoor Plants That Grow Without Sunlight

The 9 BEST Low Light House Plants to grow in your home or office. They grow well in dark spots or under artificial lights. Also VERY easy to care for!


Indoor House Plants 101: An Easy Care Guide - Fashion Blog

Want to keep your indoor garden both happy and green? We’ve outlining how to care for indoor house plants, complete with a handy chart!


The 10 Best Plants for People Who Kill Plants – Looks Like happy

Bring the outside in with these easy to care for colorful houseplants! These 10 plants are perfect indoor plants for beginners.


Air Purifying House Plants: 9 Best Air Cleansing Plants for Home

The air purifying house plants which are great for your living room and cleanses the air along with removing harmful air toxins.


Indoor fern planters

There is nothing that makes the indoors pleasant like a plant. Adding some green to your home or office gives it a different vibe altogether. Given the right care, these plants could grow to beautify homes in so many different ways. There are many common houseplants that you can easily grow indoors.


Decorating with Indoor Plants, Plus Tips to Keep Them Alive

Wondering how to decorate with indoor plants when you have a tendency to not keep plants alive? Try these tips from a former black thumb who now has houseplants in almost every room! How to Decorate with Plants - How to keep plants alive - easy indoor plants